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Non Woven Scotch Brite Pad 150x225mm


Non Woven Scotch Brite Pad 150x225mm Available in Maroon, Green or Grey Price is per pad Premium non-woven handpads Maroon - with aluminium oxide grit for precision surface conditioning Grey - with silicon carbide grit for fine finish work Outer...

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Norma Heavy Duty GBS W2 Clamps


Norma Heavy Duty GBS W2 Clamps Heavy Duty GBS Hose Clamp features an improved closure device. The band loops are mechanically locked allowing significantly higher torques. Due to the new loop design, the hex bolt head enables easy access using any...

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Norma W1 EFI Clamps, Pack of 10


Norma W1 EFI Fuel Line Clamps, 9mm (3/8") Band, Pack of 10 Band Width - 9mm (3/8") Pack of 10 clamps Manufactured in Sweden All components completely zinc plated steel Sizes available - 7-9mm, 9-11mm, 10-12mm, 11-13mm, 12-14mm, 13-15mm, 14-16mm,...

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Norma W2 Worm Drive Clamp, 9mm Band


Norma W2 Worm Drive Hose Clamp, 9mm (3/8") Band Band Width - 9mm (3/8") Band & Housing made of chromium stainless steel. Screw is zinc plated steel Sizes available - 8-16mm, 12-20mm, 16-25mm, 20-32mm, 25-40mm, 30-45mm, 32-50mm, 40-60mm, 50-70mm,...

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