Norma Hose Clamps – Designed for Australian Conditions

Norma Hose clamps are designed to provide support and protection for hoses, wires, cables, pipes or other assemblies that are subject to vibration. The hose clamp will compress the hose or cable assembly against a flat surface which is positioned parallel to the axis of the hose assembly. Commonly used in industrial settings to provide support and protection for hoses, wires, cables or other assemblies. The hose clamp compresses the hose or cable assembly against a flat surface which is positioned parallel to the axis of the hose assembly. Look for the hose clamp with the correct band thickness, clamping range and grade of material. There are three main types of hose clamps, Breeze Clamps, GBS Clamps and Hose Clamp (Torro Clamp).

Norma Hose Clamps use a similar principle, with the components being made from a variety of high-strength materials, specifically designed for Australia’s harsh climate. All parts of the clamp are comprised of high-grade steel or stainless steel.

Common Industries for Hose Clamps

One of the most commonly used hose clamps is found in industries such as oil refineries, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, mining operations, military applications, Automotive Maintenance & Manufacturing etc.

Common Problems Associated With Hose Clamps

One of the most common problems associated with clamps is that they often fail due to over tightening. This happens when the clamp is compressed too tightly against an object, causing it to become stuck or unable to release. Norma provide specialist tools and tightening torque charts for every clamp.

Hose Clamps for Use In The Automotive Industry

The purpose of a hose clamp is to secure an assembly by closing two or more pieces together. This can be accomplished either by squeezing together two pieces that have an integrated elastomeric seal or by locking one piece into another, often with a screwdriver slot.

The type of hose clamp that's used will depend on the characteristics of the hose, tube or other assembly that needs to be secured. The hose clamp should be able to withstand the environment in which it's used, as well as the weight of the assembly being secured. Also, if you intend to use it for other applications besides automotive, each application should receive its own specific type of hose clamp.

Hose clamps should also allow for adjustment so that changes can be made without having to completely dismantle the assembly. The ability to adjust will allow it to fit various sizes and shapes for easy installation and removal. A common example of this is the use of the high grade stainless steel hose clamps in the automotive industry. This type of clamp can be adjusted in diameter, which allows for easy installation on multiple sized hoses and it is also made with a screw unscrewing system so that it can be taken completely apart when not in use.

Fuel Line Clamps

Fuel line or fuel injection clamps are designed to clamp pressured fuel lines to reduce leakage. They are commonly used on Petrol & Diesel Engines in the Passenger and Commercial Vehicle markets.

They are made from low carbon steel materials that offers good durability with good corrosion resistance over longer periods of time, perfect for use inside a fuel tank or fuel cell.

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