Heavy Duty Cleaner Sprays for Brake Parts

When it comes to your vehicle, you do not want to cut corners when it comes to cleaning. You need heavy duty material to ensure that the parts of your car are kept in prime condition, and don’t cause problems further down the line. This is why the team at Wolfchester have put together a full online catalogue of cleaner sprays and products for you, ensuring that you find the best possible products at realistic prices.

Cleaner Sprays for Brakes and Parts

Cut through the dirt and build-up of brake dust quickly and effectively with a high quality cleaner spray or aerosol, found only in our online store. Our automotive and industrial consumables are made to be the suitable application for your vehicles, meaning that they are non-corrosive in nature and work to effectively remove grease, oil, brake fluid and other contaminants. Ensure you are taking the necessary steps towards the maintenance of your disc brake and other brake parts with our exceptional cleaning products. 

Carby Cleaner Spray

Our non-chlorinated cleaner for your carby is perfect to attack the fuel and dirt that latches itself onto the part. Gum, varnish and carbon deposits can affect our carburettor and TBI units when not addressed. These cleaners work to not only dissolve these, but ensure a trouble-free performance and smoother drive.

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At Wolfchester, we pride ourselves on setting high industry standards with our products and services. With our extensive online range, we offer realistic and competitive prices. To get in touch with us regarding our products, or to learn where we distribute our products. You can do so by filling out our online enquiry or by emailing us at Alternatively, you can call our Lilydale office on 03 9737 2800.


Gold Class Hand Cleaner 12.5 Litres


Wolfchester Premium Gold Class Hand Cleaner 12.5 Litres. 350+ Washes per 12.5kg tub, variable depending on hand cleanliness. The latest in non solvent hand cleaning.  Our hand cleaner has no competitors leaving all other products in its wake...

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