Industrial Hand Cleaners


Industrial Hand Cleaner Plus 4 Litres

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Industrial Hand Cleaner Plus: The Ultimate Solution for Tough Soiling Elevate your cleaning routine with the new Industrial Hand Cleaner Plus, meticulously designed for garage and industrial settings. This advanced formula is the epitome of efficiency...

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Extreme Hand & Tool Wipes 72 Pack


Extreme Hand & Tool Wipes 72 Pack Dipped in a powerful cleaning fluid the Wolfchester Extreme Hand & Tool Wipes will quickly remove dirt on many surfaces. There are approximately 72 polypropylene wipes in a handy resealable bucket...

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Industrial Hand Cleaners

Wolfchester have carefully formulated this collection of industrial hand cleaners for all types of applications. Take the guess work out of choosing the right hand cleaner and shop with confidence. 

If you work with dirty or greasy materials, you need industrial strength hand cleaner that can get through tough, grimey grease. Wolfchester have formulated a range of industrial hand cleaners to take care of your specific needs. 


Hand + Tool Wipes


Wolfchester only stock USE Proferred Hand + Tool Wipes. These all-purpose, high quality hand and tool cleaning sheets will keep you and your tools spick and span. 


Hand Cleaner Dispenser

This wall mountable hand cleaner dispenser gets the job done with ease. It's sturdy design ensures a long lifespan and it's simple plunger system avoids blockages and failures. 















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