Wolfchester Battery Terminal Protector

Battery Terminal Protector Aerosol


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Wolfchester Aerosol Battery Terminal Protector 250g

Provides prolonged protection from battery acid deposit build-up, especially after cleaning. Corrosion build up is the primary cause of hard starting battery failure.



  • Prolongs battery life
  • Leaves a blue flexible protective film on surface.
  • Resists wash off and repels water
  • Ideal for Marine applications as it repels and protects against salt water 
  • Reduces maintenance time as a wire brush isn't required to remove it
  • Aerosol application for ease of use


Protecting your battery terminals is extremely important. If you don't use anything to protect your batteries, oxidation could occur causing them not to work as well or completely stop working at all when you do want them.

Wolfchester’s Battery Terminal Protector spray protects battery terminals from oxidization and corrosion which will significantly reduce the chance of electrical shorts.

Our specially designed and formulated battery terminal aerosol spray leaves a nice flexible blue protective film on the surface which protects against even salt water, making this product ideal for marine use, as well as automotive or industrial. The protective film reduces maintenance time (unlike many other brands) as it comes off without the aid of a wire brush.


The Benefits of Our Battery Terminal Protector Aerosol Spray


  • The spray does not contain any solvents which can degrade or weaken batteries.
  • Since no high temperatures are involved, you really do not have to worry about damaging your batteries in any way (unlike other types of epoxy).


This product can:

  • Reduce the need for terminal covers by preventing contact with metal objects.
  • Significantly reduce the chance of flash-overs which can cause fires or explosions.
  • Extend battery life by protecting against sulfation (the formation or build-up of lead sulfate crystals) caused by prolonged vehicle storage or extended periods of inactivity.


This specially formulated, high-tech spray is compatible with all types of automotive and marine batteries - wet cell, sealed maintenance free, AGM - Lead Acid & Lithium Ion. Using this product will help prolong your battery life and prevent costly mistakes. It’s perfect for users who are looking for a way to protect their batteries without sacrificing performance

Note: Use as directed and safety precautions should be observed. This is an extremely volatile product and should always be used in an area where there are no open flames or smoking materials.


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