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Having a reliable supplier of industrial supplies is vital to the efficiency of your building projects. Whether you’re a commercial builder or an at home hobbyist, having to interrupt your projects to go find nuts and bolts can be a hassle not to mention time consuming. With Wolfchester, you can get all of your industrial supplies online without having to leave the site or your house. 

Find all your nuts and bolts in one place

Our team knows how frustrating it is to have to hunt around for the right adware fasteners, that’s why we provide a wide range of nuts and bolts for all of your needs. Our selection of assorted fasteners provide you with a range of sizes so at any one time you have a full range of options at your fingertips. Simply find the assorted mix that will best suit your projects and add it to your online cart. From washer kits to button head cap screws, serrated bolts and self-tapers and nut kits, we have it all. 

Quick and Easy Supplies

It’s not just kits we supply, we also have individual fasteners available for specific requirements. Available to purchase individually, these give you flexibility without having to buy a full kit. All of our individual and assorted kits are comprised of high grade industrial materials designed for durability. We also have a large range of individual items available in our hardware section so we have no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for here at Wolfchester.

Talk to the Team

Our team are all highly experienced and here to help with any questions you need. Whether you can’t find something online or need some direction on what products you need, contact our friendly team and we’ll help find a solution that’s right for you.


Metric Flat Washer Assortment


Metric Flat Washer Assortment. 1100 Piece 200 x M4 Flat Washers 200 x M5 Flat Washers 200 x M6 Flat Washers 200 x M8 Flat Washers 200 x M10 Flat Washers 80 x M12 Flat Washers          

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Mudguard Washer Kit


Assorted zinc plated mudguard penny washer kit 540 piece.  Includes the following.   50 x M4x15 50 x M5x15 50 x M5x20 50 x M5x25 50 x M6x15 50 x M6x20 50 x M6x25 50 x M8x20 50 x M8x25 30 x M8x30 30 x M10x20 30 x M10x30    

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Metric Spring Washer Assortment


Metric Spring Washer Assortment. 1100 Piece 200 x M4 Flat Washers 200 x M5 Flat Washers 200 x M6 Flat Washers 200 x M8 Flat Washers 200 x M10 Flat Washers 80 x M12 Flat Washers   Refills available in-store or by request. 4/122 Beresford Road,...

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Flange Serrated Nut Assortment 415 Piece


Assorted Flange Serrated Nuts. 415 Piece 100 x M4 Flange Serrated Nuts 100 x M5 Flange Serrated Nuts 100 x M6 Flange Serrated Nuts 60 x M8 Flange Serrated Nuts 30 x M10 Flange Serrated Nuts 15 x M12 Flange Serrated Nuts          ...

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Metric 8.8 Hex Bolt Kit 525 Piece


Assorted Metric 8.8 Grade Bolt Kit. 525 Piece 100 x M6 Nyloc Nuts 70 x M8 Nyloc Nuts 30 x M10 Nyloc Nuts 15 x M12 Nyloc Nuts 50 x 6x12 Hex Bolts 40 x 6x16 Hex Bolts 30 x 6x20 Hex Bolts 20 x 6x30 Hex Bolts 30 x 8x16 Hex Bolts 30 x 8x20 Hex Bolts 20 x 8x30...

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